Ms. Marvel is now going to be in the MCU project, which looks like it gave the world the 1st mutant in the MCU.

It seems her future with Marvel Studios might have  a different path for the character.

There was a big development in the last minutes apart from Kamala’s genetic reveal.

The series' finale had a post-credit-scene that set the stage for Kamala’s time over on The Marvel’s next year.

Laying in her bed Kamala noticed her bangle started acting funny. When she stood up, she had frantically whipped away.

Brie Larson/Carol Danvers had suddenly taken her spot & then Ms. Marvel was nowhere to be seen.

These huge developments in her character mean a film debut for Imani Vellani probably.

The first thing that catches the fan's attention is Kamala's new costume.

There are a lot of Kree connections, but the question of mutants  also arises.

All these questions are yet to be answered & it will only happen with the release of the Captain Marvel 2  next year.