Johnny Depp was offered a defamation trial victory against his ex-wife Amber Heard a few  days back.

Now, Johnny has signed a new 7-figure deal with Dior following  the trial win.

Johnny Depp who is 59 first became the face of the brand's men's scent in 2015 & has reportedly back in business with Dior.

He is to continue being the face of their Sauvage cologne in a multi-year deal worth millions.

The star will be the face of Dior's cologne Sauvage as part of a multi-year agreement

He already has new promotional photos ready for a new campaign.

While his legal woes with ex-wife Amber Heard, he took photos.

After his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence, Dior stopped airing his Sauvage commercial.

After Depp's victory at the defamation trial against Heard, Dior restarted the fragrance ad. featuring Depp in it.

Recently, allegations were made against johnny that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction & has drugged his ex-girlfriend before sex. So this deal must be a sign of  relief for him.