Movie star Anna May Wong is set to become the first Asian American to feature on US currency.

The Hollywood actress from the silent film era will be featured on the US currency a century after she landed her first leading role.

Wong's image, with her iconic blunt bangs & pencil-thin eyebrows, will feature on the back of new quarters

This design has been introduced after the American Women Quarters Program which aims to highlight pioneering women in their  respective fields.

Born in Los Angeles, Anna May Wong began acting at 14 & took a lead role in "The Toll of the Sea" in 1922.

Anna May Wong is Considered to be Hollywood's first Chinese  American actor.

She faced racism in Hollywood struggling to break from  stereotypical roles.

Throughout her life, Wong advocated for greater representation of Asian American actors in Hollywood.

Anna May Wong had appeared in over 60 movies in a career spanning  four decades.

The legendary actress also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 before she died aged 56 in 1961.