What Is Impact Player Rule? How It Works? All You Need To Know!

As per the latest development, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will be introducing a new rule named – “Impact Player Rule”, that has never before been used in cricket, but common in football. According to this rule, during the toss, each team will list four substitutes; however, only one of those players can be deployed as an Impact Player throughout the game. As per the rules, only one Impact Player can be utilised by each team. The move is not mandatory.

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Notably, before the 14th over, the Impact Player may replace any player from the starting XI. As per the rules, before the current over ends, the captain, head coach, or manager has to inform the fourth or on-field umpire. Additionally, an impact player can be brought it by the batting side during the innings break or at the time of wicket, however, only 11 players can bat!

Major Difference From The X-Factor Rule: 

In case of the X-Factor rule, teams are allowed to replace a starting XI player after the 10th over of the first innings as long as the substitute has not yet batted or bowled more than one over. Notably, even if the player they replaced has already bowled, the he would only be allowed to bowl a total of four overs.

Can A Replaced/Substitute Player Further Participate In The Game?

As per the rules, a replaced player cannot participate in the game further, not even as a replacement outfield. The playing rules outlined in MCC Law 24.1 – substitute fielders – will nonetheless apply if a player is hurt while fielding in the middle of an over. However, he would not allowed to continue if the Impact Player steps in to replace the injured one. Otherwise, Impact Player can only be brought it after an over has been completed.

According to MCC Law 24 – Fielder’s absence; substitutes can be used if an Impact Player is used by a team and suffers an injury. A substitute fielder may be brought in place of an injured player if the umpires are convinced that the injury or illness occurred during the game. However, the substitute player will not be allowed to bowl or serve as captain. 

On the other hand, an impact player is allowed in the shortened game, but not in case of game fewer than 10 overs each side due to a delayed start.

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