What Made #BoycottBB14 Trending On Twitter?

There is no doubt in the fact that Big Boss indeed has been the most controversial thing on Indian Television since forever. Its season 14 running which is about to complete one week, but still this extremely short period was enough for raising a heated controversy.

The people active on social media platforms, and especially on twitter must know that last day, #BoycottBB14 was trending and guess what made netizens go crazy and disappointed? It was nothing other than the objectifying of women contestants for a task in which they had to seduce and please Senior Sidharth Shukla to win the immunity. But it looks like this task failed miserably in impressing the audience, because twitter was flooded with thousands of tweets criticizing the same.

It is the very initial stage for BB14 to get its audience disappointed. Because this may not affect the popularity of the show, but it will definitely affect the response from the audience adversely.

Big Boss house was quiet and calm this season, but now this controversy is a sign that BB game has begun to get on point slowly. Remembering the tagline makers gave to the show for this season, i.e. ‘Ab Game Paltega’, let us wait and see if it turns out in a positive manner or just the opposite.

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