What Makes Punjabi Singer Kaka Feel Like Trashing His Old Songs?

Risen from a very poor background; Punjabi Singer, lyricist, and composer Kaka is no less than a phoenix. He managed to win fame, money, and the hearts of Punjabi folks by his rocking performance in the Punjabi Music Industry. Along with his melodious voice, Kaka is also very well known for his ultimate lyrics. “Keh Lain De”, “Viah Di Khabar”, and “Mere Varga” are some of his songs that have touched millions of views on Youtube.

His songs have the finest diction and beautiful metaphors, but it was not alike when he initiated his writing career. You might not believe it but mentioning about the songs he wrote earlier, he says he feels like trashing them. And it’s because he thinks what he used to write was very childish. Talking about the same, in an interview, Kaka revealed, “When I re-read the songs that I penned back in 2013 or 14, I feel very childish. I feel afraid that if someone reads it, it will be a dishonour for me. I feel like trashing those songs, and ending them permanently, so that no one else has proof of those songs. No one will believe that those songs came out of my pen. In the beginning of a writing career, everyone starts with below average songs. And after that, one gets to know about his niche, and improves accordingly.”

No matter what he wrote in his starting years, his magical lyrics now trends all over on youtube, and other social media platforms. Fans from every corner of the world send him all the affection in comment sections of his song videos and social media posts. We wish Kaka more success and fortune for the coming years.

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