When A Pakistani Singer Challenged The Hindustani Punjabis, Kuldeep Manak Left Him Speechless

Punjabi singers are popular worldwide but some stereotypes about them are still believed that the Punjabi artists’ songs are incomplete without some specific words and phrases. Once, an identical incident was faced by the legendary Punjabi singer Kuldeep Manak. 

During the 70s, Kuldeep Manak visited Canada for the first time and there when he went to a live show, he met the popular Pakistani singer of that time, Alam Lohar. Alam Lohar was way older to him so Manak greeted him with respect and love. While the show was in process, the Pakistani vocalist said that the Hindustani Punjabis are specific in their songs and that they only know some mostly used terms which they use in their songs, above that they know nothing. 

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At that moment some of Kuldeep Manak’s friends got exasperated and made the Pakistani singer to have a stage competition with him. Alam Lohar then agreed and decided to have the ‘Mirza’ competition. Alam sang at the highest pitch he could have and asked Kuldeep to beat him. Kuldeep Manak was a trained singer and he too did not fail in competing which resulted in the double excel to that note which was sung by Alam. 

Just when that happened, people all over started praising and hooting for the Indian artist as he proved that ‘Hindustani Punjabis’ do have various talents in singing too and not just they sing casually but they also put efforts in doing so. 

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Kuldeep Manak always used to say that he was not the one who was famous but it was his throat and his singing skills which made him settle in people’s hearts and minds. And this was not something to be doubted as he stood up as one of the best vocalists of that era and got a tag of ‘Kaliyan Da Badshah’ which is nothing less to be proud of. 

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