When Joining Politics Became A Reason For Emotional Loss For Bhagwant Mann

Be it growing in life or growing in career, everything demands sacrifice. We all have experienced huge losses in our lifetime but we are sure you aren’t aware of what Bhagwant Mann lost.

He definitely is a great artist who has entertained us for years, and now he has moved a step higher by becoming an MP of Punjab.

He joined politics in 2014 and won the seat for MP for Sangrur. 

But do you know what this career growth cost him? Probably no.

Bhagwant Mann is a divorcee because his wife left him when he got involved in Politics. His time was spent among people and this made his wife decide to take a divorce in 2015.

But this was not all that Bhagwant Mann had to bear with. His children also left him and they all settled in America.

In a recent interview, Bhagwant Mann also revealed that he is not even connected to them as they dont communicate and travel to see each other.

This story of Bhagwant Mann’s personal life is emotional but equally strong. It is really not easy to spend life without having emotional support. But when he was asked this question, his sweet and very beautiful reply won our hearts.

He said, ‘The people of punjab are my family now.’

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