When Neetu Kapoor Justified Husband Rishi Kapoor’s Cheating Said, “ I Know They Are Just One-Night Stands”

Bollywood appears to be coming under fire in the worst possible ways. Recently, Priyanka Chopra Jonas disclosed that she left the industry due to nasty politics. And, now, Neetu Kapoor’s casual conversation about Rishi Kapoor’s affairs in an old interview went viral and shocked the internet. 

Neetu Kapoor has been making a lot of noise about her most recent Instagram story. It read, “Since he dated you for a considerable time, it doesn’t mean he will marry you. My uncle read up medication for a long time and is presently a DJ.” Naturally, the story has caused controversy, with netizens criticizing the veteran star.

An excerpt from an older interview that appears of Neetu Kapoor justifying Rishi Kapoor’s cheating and extramarital affairs is becoming increasingly popular online in light of the ongoing controversy surrounding Neetu Kapoor’s justification of Ranbir’s previous relationships and the cryptic stories she posts on her Instagram.

Neetu Kapoor’s comments on Rishi Kapoor’s extramarital affairs and flirtatious nature were discovered in a newspaper article.

Neetu said in the interview, “I have caught him flirting hundreds of times. I always seem to be the first to hear about his affairs in outdoor locations. But I know they are just one-night stands. Two years ago, I used to fight with him about it, but now I have adopted the attitude-go ahead, let’s see how long you will do it”.

Neetu continues, “We have become very confident about each other. I know his family comes first, so why should I bother about his flings. They are just passing fancies. He is too dependent on me and will never leave me”.

The controversial statement by Neetu Kapoor went on to say, “I feel that men should be given a certain amount of freedom. They are flirtatious by nature. So one cannot bind them down.”

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Neetu received harsh criticism for her remarks on social media and Reddit for her perspective on Rishi’s extramarital affairs.

“I don’t know if I find her delusional or feel sorry for her,” one user replied.

A user said, “Khandani problem hai Matlab.”

Another user said, “Stfu Neetu. You put up with it, hid your trauma, and now probably are projecting it on others around you. No partner should go through this. It’s sad how she feels it’s normal for men to cheat”.

One other user said, “Honestly, it’s sad that Neetu went through this. She hid behind the protection that the “Kapoor” surname gave her and tried to justify to herself that this behavior was completely ok.”

People claim that her recent Instagram stories, in which she discussed Ranbir Kapoor’s previous relationships, are supported by the image of her past relationship with her husband, Rishi Kapoor.

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