Who Is Gangster Vikas Lagarpuria? All You Need To Know!

Vikas Lagarpuria (32), the suspected mastermind of the multi-million dollar robbery in Gurgaon, is a wanted “thug” who was detained at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport as soon as he landed from Dubai. Surprisingly, as claimed by various police reports, he has been facing more than 30 criminal charges. Notably, Lagarpuria is accused of robbing ₹30 crore from a company’s office in Sector 84, Gurgaon in August along with two physicians and a police officer. 

Moreover, the authorities came into action and began detaining his friends after discovering that he went to Dubai using a fake passport. Additionally, a lookout notice was also issued against him by the Delhi Police. 

Who Is Vikas Lagarpuria? 

Reportedly, gangster Vikar Lagarpuria, 32, hails from Haryana’s Jhajjar. He was a student of History at DU (Delhi University). As per the police, Vikas came in contact with gangster Dheerpal during his college days, from where he fell into bad company and started committing small crimes in 2009. Moreover, in 2012, when gangster Dheerpal had a fight with his rivals on some financial issues, Vikas was detained by Rohtak Police for firing. 

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Furthermore, he started an extortion racket and threatened many in the area. As per the police, gangster Vikas is booked for gruesome crimes like murder, robbery, extortion and many more! Vikas and Dheerpal were detained by the police again, but got bail. With time, Vikas got more and more involved in criminal activities and in 2015, he and his associates opened fire at Aggarwal Sweets in Dwarka for extortion.

After that, he was arrested by Delhi police and at that time, 16 cases were already registered against him. Moreover, he was sent to Bhondsi jail and got a parole in 2018, from where he escaped and got actively involved in various criminal activities. Reportedly, last year, a doctor informed him about a huge amount of cash at an office in Gurugram (Gurgaon), from where he allegedly stole the money. 

However, now, Gangster Vikas Lagarpuria, 32, is under police custody and further investigation is going on.

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