Who Is Gur Chahal? The Man Allegedly Blamed For Attacking Prem Dhillon During Live Show

A video has gone viral on social media wherein Punjabi artist Prem Dhillon can be seen being attacked during an ongoing live show at village Balachaur. The public is pointing their fingers towards Gur Chahal for being the man behind the incident.

The public believes that the man’s face in the video hugely resembles Gur Chahal and for that reason, Gur Chahal is being blamed for the attack. So who is Gur Chahal?

Gur Chahal is himself a well-known rapper and writer in the industry. He associates himself with the popular Punjab group, Beeba Boys Group. Rapper Sultaan is also a part of the same music group. Gur Chahal has a followership of about 32.4 thousand on Instagram at the time of writing this article. 

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He also has a Youtube channel where he mostly uploads his freestyle rap videos. He has a subscriber base of around 20 thousand on the platform. His song ‘Chahal Saab’ went viral on social media. It was released on Sultaan’s official Youtube channel. He has been active in the industry for quite some time and has given notable hits like Mehfil etc. In May 2021, he also dropped an EP titled ‘Majhe Walo’ on his official Youtube Channel.

Though it is not yet confirmed if the man behind the attack on Prem Dhillon was Gur Chahal, it is being widely circulated. The posts being shared by various Instagram pages claim that the man was Gur Chahal. Even the public comments on his official account point towards the same assertion.

The reason as to why the attacker decided to attempt an attack on the Punjabi artist in front of a crowd of hundreds, still remains undisclosed. We hope further updates are provided by the artists as soon as possible. 

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