“Just Looking Like A Wow”: Who Is The Girl In The Viral Video Trending On Instagram

“So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow.” As you read these words, Do you immediately associate them with the woman speaking and can audibly imagine her voice? If yes then you are certainly up-to-date with the newest social media trend.

Even Bollywood celebs are gearing up with this catchy viral video! It’s the current fascination of social media users, with celebrities adding their own humorous twists. Have you ever wondered who initiated this trend? 

The trend was started by a girl named Jasmeen Kaur. Jasmeen Kaur frequently posts reels on social media to showcase her women’s clothing store located on Fateh Nagar Jail Road, New Delhi. In the majority of her videos, she can be heard expressing the same message in different phrasings, “Just Looking Like A Wow”.

Jasmeen’s boundless enthusiasm and contagious vitality swiftly propelled the video to achieve viral status, captivating a vast online audience.

Many bollywood actors made video and shared them on social media. Deepika Padukone recently joined the viral ‘Just looking like a wow’ trend on social media. 

Cricketer K L Rahul also contributed to the trend with a humorous video where he described his wife, actor Athiya Shetty, as ‘just looking like a wow.’ 

She popularized the ‘ladoo peela’ shade, and also coined names for other colors like ‘blood red’ and ‘mouse color’.

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