Who Made B Praak Change His Name Not Once But Twice!

We are very sure that you are in love with B Praak’s voice and his superhit tracks. He is the current sensation of the Punjabi Music Industry and Bollywood as well. His songs are rocking all around, whether it be any party, date night or your personal me-time. 

But how would you react if we tell you that all the songs you’re hooked to were sung by Praky B? Sounds weird right! This is exactly what Harrdy Sandhu and Jaani also thought. But first let us tell you guys about B Praak’s real name. He was born as Pratik Bachan, and later his mother gave him name “Praky B” because he is a huge fan of Jazzy B. He used this name in his career, but after completing his first song, he was told by his best buddies Harrdy Sandhu and Jaani that there is something not good about this name! We need to change it.

And this is how Harrdy Sandhu and Jaani gave him a new name, the name which has become a sensation today, B Praak. So this was the very exciting story behind B Praak’s name. We guess his third name proved lucky for him!

By the way, what do you think of our name? It’s cool. Right? 

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