Why Did Diljit Dosanjh Touch Afsana Khan’s Feet In Front Of A Live Audience?

Diljit Dosanjh is our favorite for many reasons, one of them being his kind heart. He is one of the most genuine and humble people in the industry and he has all our respect for that. Time after time Diljit has proven to be one of the most down to earth person and you will find out why.

Also, the very famous Afsana Khan has also won our hearts with her singing and she surely is talented at what she does.
Reminiscing her old days when she was struggling as a budding singer, Afsana Khan uploaded a video which inspired us all. In the video, Diljit was seen motivating Afsana with words before her performance in a reality show. Impressed by her performance, Diljit felt so overwhelmed that he actually went on the stage and touched Afsana’s feet in front of a live audience to pay his respects to her talent and was later seen praising her for the same.

Afsana Khan also uploaded another video in which she was seen entwining with the famous Bollywood celebrity Parineeti Chopra. Both the videos were highly appreciated by the audience and we sure are proud of the journey of Afsana Khan and her achievements.

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