Why Did Zomato Withdraw Its Green Uniform For Delivery Partners Rule For Veg Only?  Reason Explained

Why Did Zomato Withdraw Its Green Uniform  For Delivery Partners Rule For Veg Only?  Reason Explained

Food delivery platform Zomato is once again in the news for its major change.  

Recently Zomato started Vegetarian Fleet, a Pure Veg service for the vegetarian customers only. Zomato has given clarification on the delivery service started for vegetarian customers. 

In fact, the company’s Pure Veg Mode service has faced huge opposition even before its launch. The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deepinder Goyal had announced last Tuesday to start Pure Veg Mode service for customers who like vegetarian food.

He said that new services have been launched on the basis of feedback from such customers. Zomato’s all-vegan fleet will have green bins and not the traditional red bins. He further said earlier that the delivery partners offering vegetarian services only will wear green dress. 

After this announcement, Zomato got a lot of criticism on the social media platform. Many people are opposing it. Now Zomato has said that all its delivery partners will continue to wear the red dress.

After the announcement of this service by Zomato, backlashes started on social media. Amidst this growing protest, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal said on social media platform X that the use of green dress makes a difference among delivery partners. They have decided to remove this gap. He said that all their partners who do veg or non-veg delivery will continue to wear red colored dresses as before.

According to Deepinder Goyal, customers who choose pure veg order will be able to get information about it on their mobile app. Customers can see that their orders are being delivered only by the Vegetarian Fleet. 

Uniform red dress of all the partners will remove the problems of the delivery partners. In fact, there was a fear of them being targeted in case of differences between the delivery partners. This could have created problems for both delivery partners and customers.

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