Why Has A Part Of The Song ‘Kinne Aye Kinne Gye 2’ Been Removed?

Ranjit Bawa’s latest song “Kinne Aye Kinne Gye 2”, written by Lovely Noor, is the talk of the town. The first part of the song was loved by the audience due to Lovely Noor’s bold and honest writing. Kinne Aye Kinne Gye 2 was no different from the first one.

Lovely Noor looked as fierce in the second part of the song as he did in the first. The song is a true example of digging down deep into Punjab’s history and bringing facts in front of the people. However, the song recently faced public backlash and as a result, a part of the song was removed by the makers. Listen to the full song here :

As you might have noticed, the audio of the song from the timestamp 1:15 to 1:18 has been removed. The removed part talks about a prominent figure, Sher Singh Rana. The reason behind the removal is being suspected to be public backlash.

The public criticized the song for glorifying Sher Singh Rana, who was the murderer of Phoolan Devi. Phoolan Devi is another prominent historical figure, who is known to have murdered 20 Thakurs complicit with her rape. The public found it disturbing to glorify the murderer of Phoolan Devi in the song. 

However, Singer Ranjit Bawa came up with an explanation for using the name, Sher Singh Rana, in the song. The singer said that his name was included in the song because he was the only one who brought King Prithviraj Chauhan’s ashes from Afghanistan. 

The makers of the movie still removed the problematic part, maybe, due to the public opinion. Except for the line, the song has been praised by its listeners to talk about Punjab’s history.

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