Will Congress MP Manish Tewari Follow The Jakhar Way? Buzz After He Supports Agnipath

On one hand, the Congress party has been protesting on the streets against Centre’s newly launched “agnipath” scheme, whereas Manish Tewari, party’s senior leader and MP from Sri Anandpur Sahib, has supported agnipath. 

Though the grand-old-party has distanced itself from Tewari’s remark, his recent political activities and statements have raised a question whether he would stay in the Congress party or has a “Jakhar” plan? He is a Congress MP, but remarkably, on his twitter bio, he hasn’t mentioned the Congress party anywhere.

Manish Tewari’s twitter bio reads:

“MP Sri Anandpur Sahib-Punjab Former Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting Government of India,Former MP Ludhiana Punjab. Advocate Supreme Court of India”.

Recently, on June 21, The Print journalist DK Singh, in a tweet, said, “Look at the way Manish Tewari, someone who has given over 40 years to the Congress and the Gandhis, has been given short shrift! This is a party where loyalty, talent, electoral victories, nothing matters today. Even Machiavelli would have thought of re-writing ThePrince.”

Surprisingly, replying to his tweet with a fox emoji picture, Manish Tewari replied:

“You are old fashioned my friend the world has changed.

@dksingh73  😜

On the same day, in an interview given to NewsX, Manish Tewari kept his views on agnipath, and when asked about him quitting the Congress party, he said “I am where I am”. 

Though he recently met former PPCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu in Patiala jail, after which he tweeted:

“Spent an hour with @sherryontopp in Patiala Central Jail . His father Late S.Bhagwant Singh Sidhu & my father Late Dr VN Tewari were close friends. Navjot ji & I had served together in Parliament. Reminisced about old times. Good to see he is taking the tribulation in his stride.”

Manish Tewari is an old-guard of the Congress Party, having more than a decade old relation with the party, but since the defeat of the Congress party in Punjab, he seems to have slightly distanced himself from the Gandhis.

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