Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 1 Review: Beginning Of Yet Another Emotional-Comedy Jam Packed Series

Director Rabby Tiwana and Troll Punjabi are back with yet another Punjabi web series ‘Yaar Chale Bahar’. This is their next venture after the mega-hit ‘Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree’. The first episode – Karma Strikes – has been released on Youtube.

The episode introduces us to the characters of the series and their stories. Karamveer (Biney Jaura) is the first character to be introduced. Aspiring to go to Canada, he joins an IELTS institute where he meets Harry (Butta Badbar), JJ (Yuvraj Turna), Inder (Inderjeet), Pallavi (Cheshta Ahuja), Saman (Jass Dhillon), Gurleen (Navkiran Bhatthal), Yaadi (Gavy Daska), Aanand Priya (Mehar), Rajveer Kaur (Ramneek), Jyot Arora (Nimrat) and Arshdeep Bhatti (Preet). 

Each character carries their own story. The first episode in itself brought in so many elements that the viewer is bound to be excited for the next. The series does not wait and immediately takes off with its motive and story. It attempts at presenting the household story of every Punjabi aspiring to go to Canada.

There are characters who are not able to pay their fee, who are improving, who find IELTS difficult, who are in love, who are haughty of their ‘superior’ status, who are lively and all about fun and many more. The variety of the series makes it much more interesting. Gur Sidhu’s title track is also a Bullseye. 

Though Rabby Tiwana successfully takes off the series with a different story to every character, it will be interesting to see how he carries out the same in the episodes that will follow. Whether the characters meet at one point or narrate their stories solely, we will be curious to see.

In the first episode itself, the series succeeds to make us laugh as well as cry. At one point where characters like Saman put a smile on our face whenever they are on the screen, Inder’s story playing to Kulbir Jhinjer’s emotional track Satt Samundar Paar makes the viewer shed a tear. 

Yaar Chale Bahar is going to be an amazing journey. Comedy fused with emotion never fails to impress the viewer and this series is all about that. A topic that is relatable to masses and brilliant characters gets us excited for the next episode of Yaar Chale Bahar releasing on 2 July at 5:00 pm.

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