Youtuber Gaurav Sharma (GauravZone) Arrested For Flying Pet Dog With Balloons

Gaurav Sharma, a Youtuber, who hails from Delhi is in custody owing to a video he posted on his Youtube channel named ‘GauravZone’ with more than 4 million subscribers. In the video, he tied up his dog ‘Dollar’ with gas balloons on his back and made him float in the air. The dog was flying up to the 2nd floor, and there were moments where the dog was seen struggling to maintain balance. 

The case has been filed in Malviya Nagar Police Station under various sections, after the concern being raised against the video by the Animal welfare organization ‘people for Animals’.

The video has already been taken down from YouTube and he has shared another video on his Youtube channel to apologize for the same.

In the new video, he said that he loves his dog and treated him like a child. For the previous, he got influenced by outlanders’ content, though all the safety measures had been taken while shooting the video.

He also felt a mistake had been made by his side and promised not to pursue such a thing again. He urges the people not to get influenced by such content and asks forgiveness to those whose sentiments have been hurt.

The offensive video has been deleted but still, he is facing a lot of hate rate and thrashing along with the registered case.

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