Know the Historical Fact Behind Sardars & 12 O’ Clock Before Cracking Joke ‘Sardar 12 Baj Gaye’ Again

We have all witnessed and heard people cracking jokes on Sikh community, especially those Baarah Baj Gaye ones. They don’t even think twice before cracking such disrespectful 12 baj gaye jokes and shamelessly troll Sardar Jis with such derogatory remarks. Do you know the exact association of the community with 12 o’clock. 

What is the real association of Sardar Ji and 12 o’clock? 

In 17the century, a Mughal ruler Nadir Shah invaded India. He destroyed Delhi and turned it into a horrific city of theft, looting and robberies. Not only this, Nadir Shah imprisoned a lot of women and children as well. 

Nadir Shah imprisoned almost 2000 women and the Sikh community decided to retaliate against him. Shah had a huge army which outnumbered the Sikhs and the community avoided a direct and frontal attack. 

Know the Historical Fact Behind Sardars & 12 O' Clock Before Cracking Joke 'Sardar 12 Baj Gaye' Again
Source: Patrika.Com

So instead, they used to surprise his army with midnight guerilla attacks on their settlements with which they safeguarded a lot of women and reached them safely to their houses. 

This technique in which the Sikhs attacked Nadir Shah’s army at 12 midnight was successful in liberating many women prisoners however a lot of Sardars were martyred too. 

This whole story has not been given enough credit and recognition in our Indian history because of which people aren’t aware of such facts. 

Lack of information has led to other people making fun of the community and cracking 12 baj gaye jokes about them. It is very shameful to see people mocking Sikhs because of lesser or no information provided to them.

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