Why Are Water Bottle Caps Different Colors? Know What Each Color Means

In India, packaged bottled water started in the 1970s, but today one fourth of the country’s population is dependent on ‘bottled water’. 

Bisleri is known to be the most trusted and number one mineral water brand in India that too from ages. There are many brands of water in our country, but for most people, ‘purified water’ means ‘Bisleri’.

In the last few decades, many brands including Bisleri have made many changes in the packaging and branding of their water. You must have bought a water bottle many times but have you ever checked the color of its lid?

There are several brands of water in the market. Not only the brands but there are as many types of water available as are brands. 

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Now you might be thinking that water is all the same, then how can it be of different types? You will get the answer to this from the cap of the bottle. Because each color of lid has its own meaning. Today we are going to tell you its meaning.

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What do different lids mean?

White Cap

The meaning of white coloured cap is that the water is processed. 

Black Cap

If the bottle has a black cap, it means that the water is alkaline.

Blue Cap

If the bottle has a blue cap on it, it means that water has been collected from a Waterfall or a natural stream.

Green Cap

Green coloured cap shows that the water has been flavored with some flavours.

If you ever buy a water bottle, then definitely check the color of its lid. Never buy a bottle without checking the color of the lid.

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