5 Things That Prove Kaka Is The Best Social Media Entertainer Of All Times

Punjabi Singer Kaka Ji knows how to keep his fans and followers hooked. If you are a true follower of the artist, you would surely know that he is quite regular when it comes to sharing engaging content on social media. His posts range from witty to inspirational and go viral in no time. But do you know apart from being a great singer, he is an amazing entertainer too? He is generally seen delivering sad, romantic songs but if we look at him behind the camera he is really a cheerful person. Apart from his singing skills, Kaka is also known for her hilarious social media posts. Many times, the Keh Len De singer pushed the fans into a frenzy and left them in splits with his funny posts on social media that went viral all over the internet in no time.

Here Is Why Kaka Is Perfect Social Media Entertainer

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Kaka made social media get a laughter attack with some of his quirkier replies to random people. There was a time when a follower asked Kaka to find him a lover, and to this, the singer came up with a funny reply, “Khud karlo bhai, Suhag raat mei bhi help mangoge kya?” His hilarious reply became the meme fest on the internet. Kaka has a good sense of humour and that’s what he uses to reply back to the trollers like a boss. 

Story-teller Kaka

Recently Kaka also turned a story teller for  his Instagram fans. He shared two story videos which according to him are very inspiring. The way he narrates the story will force you not to scroll but how the story concludes will also tickle your bones. 

Funny Videos

Kaka is undeniably a commendable singer, but apart from this, he is a true entertainer as well. The singer never misses any chance to engage his fans with his hilarious content on gram. The singer performs funny activities and posts them on social media. How much he entertains the fans can easily be measured through the comment section under his posts. 

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Memes He Shares

The Libaas star Kaka keeps updating his Instagram account by sharing hilarious memes. And believe it or not, they are the utmost dose of laughter for all the Kaka fans. If you too are a big time fan of trending memes, Kaka’s Instagram account might serve you well. 

Other Talents

Not everyone is aware of the fact that singer kaka is not only a singer but also is master of some other talents. He has shared some pieces of his sketching which are worth a glare. 


Kaka has surely made us believe that apart from singing he has many other talents too. He knows how to keep his fans and followers engaged. Amidst all the struggle he has faced, what stays constant is the entertaining nature of Kaka Ji, who manages to successfully tickle our bones in the funniest way possible.

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