Ammy Virk Gets Emotional While Talking About Bollywood Contracts, Kapil Sharma, Social Media Hate In An Exclusive Interview

In an official interview with Pro Punjab TV, Ammy Virk finally let his heart out. The singer-actor finally decided to open up on the backlash faced by him for working with companies considered anti-farmer by the public. During the interview, Ammy Virk became very emotional and started sobbing loudly as he couldn’t handle anymore hate.

The reason behind all the hate for Ammy is largely because of the actor’s connection with Zee Network and Bollywood. He recently made his debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie ‘Bhuj : The Pride Of India’ alongside Ajay Devgn, which attracted a lot of public hate.

Ammy Virk said that Ajay Devgn was a supporter of the farmer’s protest in the month of November last year but afterwards changed sides. Talking about that because of sharing the film on his social media, Ammy said that he had no other choice because he was bound in a contract. If the contract is not followed and if Ammy wouldn’t have shared the film on his social media, he was liable to pay an amount of compensation equal to the film’s budget, INR 120 crore in this case. 

He was also subjected to a lot of criticism for working in the Filhaal 2 song, released almost a month ago featuring Akshay Kumar. Ammy said that the boycott of Bollywood started in the month of February this year and Filhaal 2 was shot in October last year. When the protest against Bollywood started, the song was already done. He did not share any promotional posters or clips of the song on his social media because unlike in the case of Bhuj, he wasn’t legally bound to do so.

He said that the burden of 120 crore Rs. could have ended his whole career. He called himself ‘Son Of A Farmer’. He added that he isn’t against criticism. “All of you are my own people and I am always open to criticism but I haven’t committed any mistake”, said the actor. Talking about the hate, Ammy said that the people who abuse his mother and sister on social media are the same people using Jio sims (owned by Mukesh Ambani). 

He had a clear stance that all the Bollywood projects he’s done were done before the boycott of Bollywood started! Recently, Ammy went to the Kapil Sharma Show for a promotional event for his movie Bhuj. He disclosed that he wore a ‘No Farmers No Food’ t-shirt on the show, but was asked to take it off and wear the dress code decided. 

He even had a chat with Kapil Sharma about this topic, who is also a Punjabi. He asked Kapil to let him speak about farmers on his show, but Kapil replied that it is of no use because even if he speaks anything about the farmers, the channel (Sony TV) will cut it in the final broadcast.

Ammy said that he did not post it on social media but he’s helped the farmer’s protest in all the possible ways. He had arranged 2 Tarpaulin clothes worth 1.5 Lakh Rs. each to help the farmers stand at the protest during the heavy rain pours. He also added that he had returned from England and decided to go to the protest, but watching all the hate coming his way, he was heart-broken and afraid to go to the protest, so he could not.

Ammy can be seen wearing a ‘No Farmers No Food’ t-shirt in all of his promotional events of ‘Puaada’. Puaada has attracted Ammy a lot of hate because it is a movie released under the banner of Zee studios. Ammy said that he didn’t even mention the Zee network on any of his social media posts regarding the movie Puaada. 

Ammy Virk became very emotional during the interview and even started crying. He was not able to control his emotions and was constantly calling himself a ‘Son Of Farmer’. He was very heart-broken due to the hate coming his way through his very own people. The Punjabi Industry has supported Ammy Virk on various occasions and called him an honest protest supporter but a certain section of the people still criticize Ammy for working with forces promoting anti-farmer sentiments. This was by far the most open interview by Ammy Virk on the issue and the actor let his heart out this time. 

Watch the full interview with Pro Punjab TV here:

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