Anonymous Girl Asking For Lift Tries To Trap Travellers And Attempt To Rob, Video Goes Viral

A spine-chilling video of a girl attempting to trap and loot travelers in a car has gone viral on the internet and it is the perfect example why precaution during driving is important. The viral video shows an anonymous girl asking for a lift from two travelers driving in a car in Delhi. 

The driver made the mistake of stopping in front of the girl. The anonymous girl immediately starts requesting the driver to drop her to ‘Sector 11’. She tries to convince the travelers that she has no other option but to go with them. She says that her mobile phone does not have a network and she’s standing alone in the dark and needs their help.

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Luckily, the incident was being recorded by the guy sitting on the backseat. After a few minutes of the girl trying to manipulate and trap the travelers, the camera suddenly shifts to the front windshield of the car and we see a group of goons rushing towards the car with sticks in their hands. Seemingly, an egg is thrown at the windshield to disturb the driver’s view.

The car travellers were lucky enough to somehow rush from the spot safely and the whole incident was recorded and uploaded on social media where it went viral. It is a perfect example of why spreading awareness about precautions to be taken while driving is necessary.

Here are some precautions we learn from this video, to be taken while driving:-

1. Do not stop the car for anybody asking for lifts at night on a deserted road.

2. If you decide to stop the car, open the window slightly, only that the other person is audible to you.

3. Do not open the doors or step out of the car. Do not switch off the engine, keep it ignited.

4. Keep a check on the surroundings. Run away immediately if you notice any movement around you.

5. Try to record the incident. It will act as evidence in court in case the matter turns legal.

6. Last but not the least, do not hesitate speeding off the car while you are being attacked. Even if you run over and hurt somebody in the process, it won’t be considered a crime since you were under attack and the action will be recognized as ‘taken in self defense’. Video proof will always help you in such serious incidents.

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