Are You Sharing Akshay Kumar’s Video About Farmers, Beware Its Fake

Social Media is buzzing with fake videos shared by various agencies and organisations for various reasons. The latest addition to it is a video of Indian actor, Akshay Kumar speaking in an NDTV program, where he can be seen speaking up in a panel discussion with NDTV journalist ,Ravish Kumar. He is heavily advocating for farmer’s rights and how the farmers of the country need to be saved from exploitation to strengthen the economic base of the country.

Farmers and pro-protest activists have been waiting for a long time for a comment by Bollywood, especially, Akshay Kumar in particular. He has been slammed a lot by people on social media for not speaking for farmers but using Punjab in his movies and encashing his Punjabi image. But the latest video is fake and is spread just to save the social image of the actor.

Kiddaan dug into it and found that it was an old video of an NDTV’s program, Cultivating Hope. Cultivating Hope, a campaign to raise awareness about issues faced by the farmers of India, was launched by NDTV and Piramal Foundation. Actor Akshay Kumar, who has a strong sense of sympathy regarding the issue and has been supporting drought-struck farmers, supported the cause and said that the farmer crisis in the country, presently, is the most important issue that needs to be addressed on high priority. 

Here is the video:

We suggest not to forward any videos or messages without fact checking as this act might damage the movement and might do more harm to it than good.

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