Artists Assured that Kisan Anthem will be Re-released Soon

We have already updated you with the news that the trending song ‘Kisan Anthem’ sung by various artists has been deleted from YouTube recently. The song was deleted as a Youtuber named ‘FlopYoutuber claimed a copyright strike on the song as it included a clip shot by him as time-lapse. He said the artists used the clip without his consent and neither asked for permissions.

Kisan Anthem Removed From Youtube

But a new statement has been released which states that the song will be re-released on YouTube super soon. In a live video session, Jass Bajwa and Shree Brar assured their fans that the song will be re-released. They also revealed that the song was made free of cost and shot on phones. They added, ‘We have been THREATENED and abused from the day we launched this song as agencies fear anything that can unite Punjab. Jass Bajwa made it clear that the entire income from the song was to be contributed to farmers’ protest, and the song will be uploaded again in 4-5 days and requests people to support again.

They didn’t make any comment on the @FlopYoutuber but expressed their disappointment that some people are planted by agencies to suppress the movement.

We will wait for the song to release soon and we are sure the audience will love it the way they did before.

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