Aveera Singh Masson Calls Jordan Sandhu ‘Jawak’. Here Is Why

‘Jhanjar’ fame Aveera Singh Masson who has worked with many notable artists of the industry has been much appreciated for her acting in the songs. She has been featured in many songs be it happy, emotional, upbeats and other genres. 

The actress has shared her on set experience with almost every celebrity. And it was very pleasing to hear her tales. But one that everyone needs to know is her experience with Singer Jordan Sandhu. Singing sensation Jordan who has garnered love from the songs Heer Saleti, Muchh Phut Gabru, Peacock and many more has a very bubbly nature, said by Aveera in the talk show.

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While sharing her working experience with the singer, she described him as one of the most humble and wonderful people she has ever met. She even called him ‘Jawak’ because both of them went for the shoot in England, and there they had a very limited crew and cast. So, at that time, they spent a lot of time with each other and there she got to know the real Jordan Sandhu.

She further added, “He is a very natural and transparent guy. In fact, he doesn’t have any fake personality. He is the same inside out.” 

She then talks revealed much more about sweet and sour memories from the shoots and her working experience with the artists.

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