Baani Sandhu Roasted A Rude Follower: Racist Comment On Her Skin Colour

One of the talented artists of Pollywood, Baani Sandhu is a singer, songwriter and Apparently Great at roasting the people who deserve it the most. 

Among the many followers of Baani, One rude follower found himself making a racist statement in her comment section “Mooh gora kr lya makeup thap k pair kalle kalle chamak rhe aw” (Meaning that she beautified her face using makeup but her real color Is showing through her dark feet). 

Keeping her morals high and roasting the comment with sarcasm she said “there is a thing called lighting which when used on the upper body reflects a shadow on the lower body making it look darker and had you studied properly you would have known better”. 

Adding further, she mocked “ it is only right to point a finger at someone if you are perfect yourself so either first perfect yourself and then comment on others otherwise keep your opinion to yourself. Being grateful for whatever she has, she is content within herself”.

After reading this reply from Baani, It speaks highly of the person that she is and the morals she carries within her and now she has become an inspiration for all of us.

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