Babbu Maan Marks Collaboration With Veteran Singer Mohammad Sadiq In Latest Song ‘Ishqpura’

Babbu Maan Marks Collaboration With Veteran Singer Mohammad Sadiq In Latest Song 'Ishqpura'

One of the popular singers and artists of Punjabi Music Industry, Babbu Maan has recently released his new song ‘Ishqpura’. He had shared about the song in August through an Instagram post, and since then the fans were waiting for it to release.

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The song is finally out on YouTube, and the best part is the fact that Babbu Maan has surprised his fans by releasing two versions of the song. Apart from this, what makes this song extraordinary and even more special is the feature of veteran singer and performer Mohammad Sadiq. While expressing his  feelings about this special collaboration and the song in the song’s description and post’s caption, Babbu Maan wrote,

Sat Shri Akal Ji..
Eh geet jine v mere wade kalakaar senior kalakaar,jina nu mein bachpan ton sunda aaya onna nu smarpit a…
Eh geet smarpit a kisaani andolan nu… geet Mohammad Sadiq saab .jehde sab ton pehlan sirf te sirf kalakaar a,onna lyi a… Mohammad sadiq syasastdan lyi nahi hai….
Assi Kisaan hetashi han,Kisaan pakhhi han te Kisaanan de nal datt ke khade han…te hrr siyasi jamaat da odon tak virodh karange jina chir eh kaale kanoon waaps ni hunde…
Eh geet sirf te sirf manoranjan lyi hi warteya jaa sakda hai.. es geet nu kise v siyaasi mantav nal Sadiq saab v nahi wrt sakde..

The songs are available on YouTube and are attracting amazing responses from the fans. You can listen to the songs here,

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