Can You Imagine What’s The Inspiration Behind Bohemia’s Extraordinary Rap Skills!

Punjabi artist Roger David who is popularly known by his stage name Bohemia and whom we proudly called ‘father of Punjabi rap’. Though he has origins from Pakistan and California, he is the first artist who gave rap in ‘Punjabi’ in the year 2002. When asked about his passion and this creative idea, the artist unveiled in the interview that he was a street poet and has been very vocal about his passion for writing poetry. 

Interestingly the inspiration for his raps comes from the same. He started writing poems and Shayaris from a very young age. He also used to play the keyboard and learn to produce music. The foreign hip-hop culture of rapping influenced his writing and then his poetry turned into rapping. This is how the artist rolled from a poet to a rapper. 

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Moreover, his love for poetry which he blended with memories of a tough childhood and even tougher claim-to-fame, is what makes his raps so legit. When we listen to his ‘Kali Denali’, ‘420’ and ‘School Di Kitab’ we get the proof for the same. Moreover, these are just a few, there is a long list of his songs whose lyrics are insane and amazing. He not only built the genre single-handedly but also popularized it around the sphere. 

Also, in the initial stage of his career, he used to convey his autobiography through his songs and his debut album Vich Pardesan De (In The Foreign Land) – tells of his life as a Desi youngster adapting to the streets of America, which he and Sha One produced together. 

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Besides struggling during his childhood, he used to utilize the same in the form of writing. Now, this pack of talent is not only known for his rap but his music and grounded nature.

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