Canada Marks November As “Hindu Heritage Month”! All You Need To Know!

In order to acknowledge the contributions of the Hindu community in Canada’s growth over the years, for the first time ever, Canada has marked November as the “Hindi Heritage Month”. Moreover, the initiative was taken by Chandra Arya, a member of parliament of the ruling liberal party, who moved a motion in parliament which was unanimously passed on September 29. 

On November 1, Chandra Arya tweeted, “I unfurled a flag bearing the Hindu sacred emblem Aum (Om) on Parliament Hill today to commemorate the historic start of Canada’s national Hindu Heritage Month. HHM is a way to acknowledge the achievements made by 830,000 Hindu Canadians to our nation and by people of Hindu heritage to humanity.”

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As per the census of 2021, more than 8,28,000 Hindus live in Canada, which is three times more than that of in the year 2001. However, there is also a controversy regarding the flag unfurled by MP Chandra Arya was the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) flag, as reported by the news agency Baaz. In a tweet, Baaz stated that the government of Canada received complaints that the flag unfurled on Parliament Hill was the RSS’s flag.

However, Canada has always respected all cultures and traditions. Subsequently, not only it now marks November as “Hindu Heritage Month”, but also commemorates October as the Canadian Islamic History Month, while April is celebrated as the Sikh Heritage Month and May as the Canadian Jewish Heritage Month. Moreover, all such steps are taken to strengthen the brotherhood and communal harmony in the country. 

Canada is considered as one of the most favorable countries for the immigrants as well as the overseas students. Moreover, with a significant number of people from all communities and many countries, it’s quite easy to find a job and settle in Canada as compared to some other countries.

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