Care Ni Karda” Singer Lashes Out On Those Who Think Farmer Protest Is A Show-off For Artist

Singer and actress Sweetaj Brar lash out at those who think artist support to Farmer Protest is a new show off, we all know things are going serious after the incident of January 26, after the whole incident some peoples are also pointing to celebrities who are in support of farmers but where in between they also name the show off of celebrities, but throughout her Instagram handle she answers.

She wrote,“ Eh ohna lyi jo sochde ne k asi artists “Kisaan Ekta” da show off kar rhe aa… Showoff hunda ta ehni derr da kise ne ess mudde toh ilava koi hor nava project release nhi kita..ehda na normal releases chl rhi c morche di shuruaat hon toh pehla ohda hi release ho rhe hunde..showoff hunda ta asi Delhi nhi c paunchana apne ann data da saath den..!! So its my humble request to everyone to stop creating new issues without any reason and focus on the real problem that we are facing… Baaki WMk ji..Tuhanu sab nu akal te satbudhi bakshe”

Meanwhile, in her story, she requested everyone to stop creating new issues without any valid reason, we’re on the work note actress Sweetaj Brar will be seen as a female lead of Sidhu Moosewala’s most awaited film ‘Moosa Jatt’.

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