Legal Case On Uorfi Javed For Sexually Explicit Look & Act In Viral Music Video

Bigg Boss OTT fame Uorfi Javed is popular for her fashion statement. Yes, some people call her styling bizarre while others are often left awestruck. Uorfi Javed rose to fame with her participation in Bigg Boss OTT and went on to win the internet with her bold and sometimes weird fashion choices. 

While we have often seen netizens trolling and criticizing the actress for her not-so-appropriate dressing, Uorfi has always ignored the negative comments and not let anyone’s opinion affect her. But now, the Bigg Boss fame diva has landed into legal trouble concerning her outfit and act in the music video of the recently released song Hay Hay Yeh Majboori. 

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The song, Hay Hay Yeh Majboori was released on 11 October and is still continuing to stay trending on YouTube. It is sung by Shruti Rane and features Uorfi Javed in its music video. 

Uorfi in this song is seen dressed in a bright red saree with a statement blouse and more glamorous outfits. Various people admired Uorfi’s looks in this song, while the actress offended a few as well. 

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An anonymous person has filed an official complaint against Javed for sexually explicit act and her looks in this music video.

As reported by the Times Of India, the complaint has been filed by an anonymous person in Delhi. It is reference to the red saree Uorfi Javed dons in the music video Hay Hay Ye Majboori. The report says the complaint has been filed for “publishing or transmitting of material containing s*xually explicit act in electronic form.” 

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More details about this complaint are not out yet. Uorfi, who has always been vocal about her views and opinions, has yet to address this legal complaint. In various interviews, the actress has reacted to trolls and criticism and stated that nothing that is negative affects her.

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