Criminal Justice 3 Review: It’s Gripping But We Expected More Charisma

Star CastPankaj Tripathi, Swastika Mukherjee, Shweta Basu Prasad, Purab Kohli, Aditya Gupta & more
DirectorRohan Sippy
Kiddaan Rating

The fans who love binge-watching and are too much into suspense and thrill must have watched Criminal Justice on Disney Plus Hotstar. The web series which was a superhit in British was remade in Hindi. The first season of Criminal Justice garnered massive love and appreciation from fans and critics. Hence, the makers treated the fans with a season 2 which was also highly appreciated. And now, season 3 of Criminal Justice has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. But did it land well on the expectations of the fans? Read the Criminal Justice 3 review to know all about the latest web series. 

Criminal Justice season 3 was highly anticipated and has a loyal fan base. After the success of the first two seasons of Criminal Justice. In this detailed and spoiler-free Criminal Justice 3 Review, you will get to know all about its story, star cast, direction, and more. 


Criminal Justice Season 3: Adhura Sach once again features Pankaj Tripathi as the brilliant advocate Madhav Mishra. This time the story revolves around a murder of a 14 YO young superstar Zara. And the suspect is her 17 YO step brother Mukul.

Basically, one night Zara sneaks from her home to party with strangers, and Mukul on the other hand sells drugs to earn money. Both Zara and Mukul end up bumping into each other at the same party. They are both exposed but Mukul is the only one who gets back home. Zara goes missing and soon after that, the police find her dead body.

As Mukul was obviously the last known person who saw Zara alive, and he was jealous of Zara and her stepbrother, he is believed to be the prime suspect. To this, Mukul’s mother and Zara’s stepmother Avantika reach out to Madhav Mishra to defend her son. 

So, will Madhav be able to defend Mukul? Will he find the real murderer? Or will Mukul be caught guilty? To know the answers to these questions, you need to watch season 3 of Criminal Justice on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

Acting & Performances

Who can doubt the acting skills of Pankaj Tripathi? He is the man who is leading this highly anticipated web series. And we all know how graceful, effortless and natural he is as an actor.

In the Criminal Justice 3 Review, we are now heading towards the acting performances of the characters. And as already discussed, Pankaj Tripathi is the man who has stolen the show. His body language, expressions, dialogue delivery and in fact silences are so meaningful. 

Apart from him, we are also convinced with the performance of Swastika Mukherjee. She too was really amazing and ruled the given screen space. The other actors were good too, but still, we feel their talents were underutilized. 

Writing & Direction 

Bijesh Jayarajan is the man who has written the story for Criminal Justice 3. And it’s surely not an easy task to write a gripping story while maintaining the suspense. Though we feel he could have made it more exciting by adding more mysteries in other characters too. Unlike the old 2 seasons of Criminal Justice, its third season has missed the charisma.

Now taking the Criminal Justice 3 review in the direction, this web series is helmed by Rohan Sippy. He also directed Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors which was fabulous. But this time, his direction seemed a bit weak.

This season of Criminal Justice is not as tricky and suspenseful as the fans expected. 

Comparison With Last 2 Seasons

While we have kept the Criminal Justice 3 review spoiler free and extremely honest, we are also going to compare it with its last two seasons. Criminal Justice 1 & 2 were a massive success in the entertainment industry and everyone talked about them. But if we compare this latest season with the last two, it feels like this season was made in a rush.

If the project’s pre-production had dedicated more time, then this could have been as good as Criminal Justice 1 & 2. The only thing missing in Criminal Justice 3 is thrill & mystery. As we already explained in the outline of the plot, there is only one suspect. Wouldn’t it be more fun if there were more suspects in the murder of Zara? 


Overall, we are finally concluding the Criminal Justice 3 review as a good watch experience. Especially if you love this genre, it is undoubtedly a must-watch for you. If you have watched the first 2 seasons of Criminal Justice, yes, then you might not feel the same excitement watching this time. But it doesn’t mean you can miss watching this. It deserves your time, and you will not regret it. 

So, we guess this Criminal Justice Review has helped you to know the basic structure of the recently released web series. Now, when you know all about it, you must know that you should watch it this weekend. Also, if you are a die-hard fan of criminal and suspense thrillers, you are probably going to binge-watch it tonight. Right? 

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