Davy Shawla Blames Rami Randhawa’s Brother Prince Randhawa Of Copying His Song ‘Dussehra’

Prince Randhawa has released his next single titled ‘Bad Day’ officially on Youtube. As per the released song’s credits, Prince Randhawa is the vocalist of the song while Deep Jhajoti has written the lyrics. But Davy Shawla claims this is untrue!

Davy Shawla is a Punjabi assistant director, singer and lyricist. Almost a year ago, the artist released his track titled ‘Dussehra’ officially on Youtube. The song was sung as well as written by Davy Shawla himself. And now the hottest controversy right now is that Davy has blamed Prince Randhawa for copying his song ‘Dussehra’ in ‘Bad Day’.

This is the original song by Davy Shawla, released almost a year ago:

Davy stated that the lyrics of the song were written by him years ago! He came out with the official song finally in 2020. To provide evidence supporting his allegations, Davy also shared another video in which Prince Randhawa as well as his partner, Rami Randhawa can be seen singing a few lines of the song ‘Dussehra’ and can also be heard saying that it’s written by Davy Shawla. The video clip is interestingly almost 4 years old! 

In an exclusive talk with Team Kiddaan, Davy revealed the story behind the clip. He stated that during the Dussehra of 2017, he wrote some of the lines of the song that is being talked about. He had personal contacts with Prince Randhawa, who wasn’t a famous singer back then, but Davy liked his vocals. Davy told Prince that he had written some lines on this day of Dussehra. The Randhawa Brothers, in turn, asked Davy if they could go live and sing it on social media. Davy had no objections and then the Randhawa brothers uploaded the below-mentioned clip on Facebook:

Here is the clip:


As it can be clearly seen, the video was uploaded on Davy’s Facebook account on 5 January 2017 and Prince & Rami are singing the same song, crediting it to Davy.

Davy went on to add in the exclusive talk that Randhawa brothers weren’t a known name in the industry at that time. Davy and the brothers then arranged a meeting and Davy was offered two songs to be done with the artists. Finally, the team reached a conclusion to do one song together. But it was the time when the luck of the Randhawa Brothers changed, they rose to fame and became prominent figures in the industry.

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Davy stated that he tried to contact them via phone calls to ask if they wanted to do the song with him, but he was ignored by them. The team then broke up and Davy had no connections with the brothers anymore. But now, Davy blames that Prince Randhawa’s ‘Bad Day’ is a copy of his ‘Dussehra’.  According to the artist, Prince Randhawa picked up a part of the song from the lyrics that were sent by Davy to them back in 2017, and then asked another lyricist to write the rest of the song!

Here is the official ‘Bad Day’ song, that has been blamed by Davy to be copied from his ‘Dussehra’

Davy also stated that his pending song that never became a reality, also lies with the Randhawa brothers and he is afraid that song might be used by the brothers again, without giving Davy his due credit. The Randhawa Brothers have always been surrounded by controversies. This time, the allegations made against them are very serious.

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