DeFcoN 1: Tarsem Jassar Unveils The Title Of His Upcoming EP

Tarsem Jassar is finally here with a big announcement. The fire of albums ignited in the year 2021 doesn’t seem to settle down for the Punjabi Music Industry in 2022. A few days ago, Tarsem Jassar had announced his upcoming EP (Extended Play) and today, he’s finally unveiled the title of the project. It is going to be called DeFcoN 1. 

Another thing to note is that the official announcement of the poster also mentions Wazir Patar. So, the speculations have turned out to be true! DeFcoN 1 is going to be a Tarsem Jassar and Wazir Patar collaborative project. It is going to consist of 5 tracks in total. The announcement has been made by Tarsem’s official social media handle.

It will be released under the banner of Vehli Janta Records. The poster has a completely fresh feel and unique vibe to it, something that we have never got from an artist like Tarsem Jassar. There’s no doubt to the fact that Tarsem is a top-notch artist but his songs have a different feel, a classy feel to them. 

The caption of the post specifically mentions that the title of the EP is not just a title. It could hold several meanings in it and could also have a hidden hint about the titles of the songs to be included in the EP.

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But this time, it feels like Wazir and Tarsem are bringing something completely new. Wazir is one brilliant music producer and is currently on the top of the game. The two last collaborated in the track ‘Kingpin’ which was a massive hit! We are surely looking forward to this unique and fresh EP from this explosive duo.

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