Dhindora Trailer Review: BB Ki Vines Is Back And With A Whole New Web Series, Release Date Announced

Dhindora Trailer Review: BB Ki Vines Is Back And With A Whole New Web Series, Release Date Announced

Bhuvan Bam, aka BB Ki Vines, who once used to be the single most subscribed INDIAN digital creator on Youtube, has finally returned to the platform after a long break. Following the demise of his parents due to the deadly COVID-19, the creator had been left in a state of total grief and rumours about him having quit making videos were even spread, but it turns out that BB Ki Vines has not left Youtube at all!

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The creator dropped the trailer of his upcoming web series ‘Dhindora’ on ‘BB Ki Vines’ Youtube Channel and there is a lot going on! This time, BB has levelled up. Dhindora is not going to be the general BB-video, where he plays different characters using just the front camera of his phone. The characters are going to be the same but the production level is much higher this time, with BB playing multiple roles in a single frame. It is set to drop officially on BB Ki Vines Youtube Channel on 14 October, 2021.

We are going to meet all the characters we’ve missed for so long, Bhuvan, his parents, Bancho, Sameer, Titu Mama, Hola and many more. Bhuvan is going to play 9 roles in the series. The fun and comedy is going to be as usual, Top-Class! The upcoming web series is a story of a middle-class household wherein Bhuvan’s father wins an 11-crore rupee lottery, but then the story takes a turn and he is suddenly on a stretcher. What follows is a whole lot of drama that we are going to witness in ‘Dhindora’ with our favourite characters in it.

The trailer also showed some familiar faces like the ‘Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai’ boy, a viral meme boy, Anup Soni, the host of the show Crime Patrol and many more. Dhindora is surely going to be a must watch as the trailer suggests and for the fact that it is the first video of the creator in a long time! It is the first ever Web Series by Bhuvan Bam on his Youtube Channel, and it surely is going to be big.

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