Youtuber Bhuvan Bam Loses Both Of His Parents To COVID, Says ‘Will Have To Learn To Live Again’

One of the biggest YouTubers of India, Bhuvan Bam has left the whole country numb through his latest Instagram post. The content creator revealed that he has lost both of his lifelines, his parents, to COVID-19. Just in a month, his life has taken a full toll. His dreams, home, everything is shattered.

The man who has entertained the whole country through his content has left the same people in shock. The news is so distressing in itself and the heart-wrenching caption is enough to make anyone shed a tear. The reason behind smiles of billions, is himself in a situation where he’s forgotten to smile. 

Bhuvan also mentioned in his note that nothing will be the same with his parents not being there with him anymore, and he will have to learn to live again, he doesn’t want to. 

‘Was I a good son? Did I do enough to save them?’

Bhuvan Bam is completely heart-broken with the most distressing happening in his life. 

His fans and friends are not in the mood to leave this man, behind a billion smiles, alone. The fans are nowhere in the mood to let Bhuvan Bam lose hope to live, as he mentions in his note. Bollywood celebrities, National cricketers are coming in the post’s comment section to support the artist. No one can replace his parents in his life, but we wish Bhuvan’s fans succeed in showing full support from their hearts for their favorite YouTuber. 

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