Diljit Dosanjh Announces Documentary On His Life Shot In His Village! Details Inside

The superstar and one of the most loved artists of the Punjabi Industry, Diljit Dosanjh always has something in his basket to entertain his fans with. While the star is currently busy with his ‘Born To Shine World Tour 2022’, he has also announced something really special for his fans. 

Taking it to his Instagram account, Diljit shared three throwback pictures of him from his childhood. Diljit is seen differently posing and captured in the innocent childhood pictures. But what caught our attention was not only the pictures, in fact there is a surprise hidden in Diljit’s post. 


The caption of Diljit’s post holds the secret as there he has revealed that he recently went to his village where a documentary is being shot. Not only did he write he felt really nice visiting his hometown but also announced the release of the special documentary. Though the release date is not revealed yet, Diljit has assured fans that it will be out soon. 

A Documentary is not like any other feature film, because it does not follow a fictional plot and no actors play the characters in it. It includes real people, moments, incidents and conversations. though, it can be compiled using voiceovers, and its content can be sequenced as per the finalized scripts. 

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In the caption, Diljit has also expressed how he used to always become the sarvala at every wedding in his village because he was the only kid who owned a mehndi colored coat. He also shared another comment for his second picture where he is seen holding a baby and wearing a red bow tie. For this, Dosanjhwala wrote that that bow, he used to always stay ready for any function! 

This announcement by Diljit has cheered the fans up and surely made their day brighter. For now, he has not revealed any more details about the documentary, but we are expecting him to spill the beans soon.

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