Do You Know Shehnaaz Gill Lost 12 Kgs During Lockdown? Says ‘Many People In BB House Made Fun Of My Weight’

Do You Know Shehnaaz Gill Lost 12 Kgs During Lockdown? Says ‘Many People In BB House Made Fun Of My Weight’

Punjab ki Katrina kaif and Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaaz Gill has managed to mark her name and won millions of hearts during her stint on the reality show. She is one of the cutest contestants and became the show’s star with her innocence. But the actress has to face body shaming in the show. And due to this she planned to transform herself during the lockdown. 

Shehnaaz Gill opened up the reason behind her weight loss. She said, “Look, lockdown chal raha hai. A large amount of work has come to a standstill all around, so I thought why not just go for weight loss? Kuch logon ne mere weight ka mazak udaya tha ‘Bigg Boss 13’ mein. Kai log weight lose karte hain, maine socha chalo logon ko dikhati hoon ki main bhi patli ho sakti hoon. It’s not difficult to lose weight if you really want to.”

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She continued the conversation and further shed light on exactly how she lost around 12 kgs. The actress, while talking about how she managed to lose the weight, said, “Trust me, I went in for a simple reduction in my eating habits. You can say that I cut off on my non-vegetarian food, chocolates and ice cream and nothing else.”

“But besides that, let me explain how I ate because therein lies the catch. Every day, I ate just one or two things. I wouldn’t stuff too much variety in my daily consumption of food. For example, if I ate dal and moong for lunch, I would eat the same for dinner. And I reduced the portions. If I was hungry for two rotis, I ate only one. Mann maarke khati thi. And it started working. I was 67 kg around the time lockdown began in March, I am 55 kg now,” Honsla Rakh Fame added.

Shehnaaz Gill concluded, “I lost 12 kg in less than 6 months, but without doing any exercise. Just my restricted food consumption did the trick.”

Now the diva’s transformation has surprised her fans and they have fallen more for her. In her latest photoshoots, she looks unrecognisable and adorable while flaunting her fitness.

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