Do You Know Surjit Bindrakhia’s Father Wanted Him To Become A Wrestler

Veteran artist of the Punjabi music industry Surjit Bindrakhia has given his voice to myriad songs. Most of them were in collaboration with Shamsher Singh Sandhu and their stack of records is still unbroken.

But have you ever imagined that what if he wasn’t a singer? 

Do you know if Surjit listened to his father’s advice, the world would have remained unaware of this legend?

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His father was a renowned wrestler and he wanted his son to pursue his footsteps and become a wrestler too. He moved heaven and earth to convince Surjit to join wrestling but wasn’t successful in his motive. As Surjit liked singing and chose to build his career in singing only.

During his college time, he got an opportunity to sing for the Bhangra team and he started his career just out of curiosity and fun. At that time he had no clue that he would become the renowned Surjit Bindrakhia in the near future. Later, he polished his skills and learned more about singing and did a stupendous job.

Well, we are glad he stood by what he wanted and became a singer, otherwise it would have been such a loss for both the fans and Punjabi Music Industry

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