Do You Know Why Diljit Dosanjh Made ‘MoonChild Era’ Intro In English And Not In Punjabi

Do You Know Why Diljit Dosanjh Made ‘MoonChild Era’ Intro In English And Not In Punjabi

Diljit Dosanjh is one of the most loved and acclaimed singers in our nation. The Punjabi singer is known for churning our party beats for every occasion. Other than that, he has been a creator of some love ballads and spiritual melodies. Versatility has always been spotted in his super hit career.

Diljit has recently made it to music charts with his album ‘Moon Child Era’. The album has created a high buzz all around. Further, the intro of the album titled, ‘The chosen One’ receives overwhelming response.

‘The Chosen One’ has made everyone befuddle with its theme and aura. In the video you can see Diljit repeatedly uttering, ‘I am Blooming’, Which possibly means that he is coming up with a new genre of songs with ‘Moon Child Era’, which eventually got true. 

The Chosen One Review: Diljit Dosanjh Finally Releases The Moon Child Era Intro and He’s Blooming

He said the word blooming is everytime going in his mind and he wants to make something regarding that. The intro video of Moon Child Era is in english, and we all know Diljit doesn’t know English well.

So, when asked why he had chosen this language, the singer revealed that his process work was in Punjabi but with help from google and some of his team members, the intro got translated from Punjabi into English.

Also, while asking about the difficulty he faced speaking English, he said he was not nervous but sometimes he pronounced the words wrong so the recordist helped him and it went well.

His intro and other songs of the album are much appreciated by everyone. Hope to see more such unique projects from him in future.

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