Do You Know Why Shehnaaz Gill Lost Kilos Of Weight? REASON INSIDE

One of the popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill has come into the limelight after the show. Though each contestant contributed to the success of the show, it was Shehnaaz Gill who managed to leave a mark and won millions of hearts during her stint on the show. 

And after that show was completed, the actress was making headlines for her transformation. The actress has lost many kilos all this while and everyone is wondering how she did that and what is the reason behind the same. Earlier in an interview, she revealed how much she lost her weight.

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But recently she has shared the reason behind it too. She said the main reason behind her weight loss is the people inside the BB House who made fun of her as she was chubby and had excessive weight. But she said before getting fame from BB, she didn’t get any motivation and purpose to do something for herself. But after earning a massive fan following she wanted to show her fans that she can improve for them. 

She kept patience and decided to prove people wrong who spread negativity and mock her. So when she was aware of the fact that people love her and want to see her at a high level, she thought of doing something for them too.

This is how Shehnaaz got inspired and we can see the drastic change in the actress’s physical health. 

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And there’s no doubt people loved her when she was chubby and they love her even more when she has revamped herself.

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