Explained: Why Are Young People Dying Of Heart Attack?

Renowned Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma, 24, is no more! Surprisingly, the young lady passed away on Sunday due to a heart attack at a hospital in Kolkata. Notably, Aindrila suffered multiple heart strokes earlier this month, since then, she had been undergoing treatment. The 24-year-old lady was a cancer warrior. Reportedly, she defeated cancer twice! However, after suffering from a brain stroke, she was admitted to a hospital in Kolkata on November 1. 

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As per the information, since the brain stroke, Aindrila Sharma had been on ventilator and even went through a left frontotemporoparietal de- compressive craniotomy surgery. However, on Sunday, she passed away due to a heart attack. This isn’t the first time that a young person died due to cardiac arrest; earlier, many individuals passed away due to the same issue. 

But the question is, why are heart attacks occurring in the younger generation these days? Well, the exact reason may be unknown, but there are a lot of things which may lead to cardiac arrest. 

1. Unhealthy diet:

The most common and important reason behind cardiac arrest in the younger generation is unhealthy diet. Consumption of highly unhealthy foods such as pizza, pasta, cheese, fried stuff, alcohol, etc, is one of the topmost reasons behind heart strokes. The amount of saturated fats and cholesterol in these things is enough to cause a blockage in the arteries, which further leads to heart attack. 

2. Excessive usage of health supplements:

Nowadays, bodybuilding is a trend! Moreover, almost every individual wants a muscular body, for which they join the gyms. However, they consume health supplements like pre-workout powders, protein shakes and some even take steroids to get fast results! However, all these supplements have their own side effects which may lead to numerous health issues such as kidney stones and heart attacks! 

3. Poorly regulated gym practices:

The poorly regulated gym practices may also cause cardiac arrest. Notably, there are a lot of cases where the people train without a trainer, maybe in a society gym or at home, however, doing exercises without proper guidance, may lead to heart attack. Even excessive training may cause a cardiac arrest. 

4. Negligence towards heart health:

Nowadays, individuals are careless towards heart health. Not only do they take unhealthy diets but ignore going for any health checkup to ascertain the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes or blood pressure. Moreover, they are unaware of what’s happening inside their body, and then suffer through numerous issues such as heart strokes, kidney stones or even brain strokes. 

5. Stress:

Stress is one of the topmost causes behind a heart attack. Notably, overthinking or stress due to numerous causes such as studies, career, family or relationship issues may lead to fluctuate the blood pressure, which further results in a heart stroke. 

What Is A Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest?

When the blood supply to the heart is significantly impeded or blocked, it leads to heart attack/cardiac arrest. Moreover, the accumulation of fat, cholesterol, and other chemicals in the heart’s (coronary) arteries is typically what causes the obstruction. Plaques are the name given to the fatty, cholesterol-containing deposits, while Atherosclerosis is the name for the process of plaque accumulation.

If detected earlier, these blockages can either be opened by angioplasty where a thin stent (metallic or plastic tube) is inserted in the artery to again start the blood flow and break the blockage. However, if all three arteries are severely blocked, one would have to go through an open heart surgery, commonly known as “bypass surgery”.

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