From Gaining 30Kg To Losing All The Extra Kilos, Gurnam Bhullar’s Transformation For LEKH Is Jaw Dropping

Many actors have to portray different characters on the screen and sometimes they have to cut down some inches, get six-pack abs, and sometimes they also have to put on extra kilos to do justice to their role. And Punjabi actor Gurnam Bhullar is hitting the headlines for the same. He had gained around 30 kgs for his role in the upcoming movie ‘Lekh’. It seems like he has done a lot of sacrifices for the movie. The actor has been appreciated for his new look. But now he is again in the limelight for his physical transformation.

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He has shared multiple posts and stories on his Instagram account in which one can easily figure out the difference between how he used to look and how he looks now. Again, he has really made a huge difference this time. As the actor has seen clean shaved this time. He has lost a lot of weight and looks extremely young like a teenager. 

The look of Gurnam Bhullar is making the movie more interesting. There’s no doubt he has put all his sweat and blood into the movie. Now the fans can’t wait for Jagdeep Sidhu’s directorial ‘Lekh’ to be released soon. Moreover, we are absolutely astonished and impressed with the actor for the way took his body transformations to the extreme, and undertook vast physical and mental efforts to portray his character most authentically and accurately possible.

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