Garry Sandhu Seemingly Replies To Sidhu Moosewala’s ‘Asking For Sympathy’ Statement Made On Other Artists

Just a few days ago, Sidhu Moosewala came live on his official Instagram handle and made a shocking revelation. He revealed that the singer had damaged his vocal cords which had made him unfit for singing. According to the artist, he wasn’t even able to speak properly. Everything was fine to this stage but after this, Sidhu made a statement that did not go well with many Garry Sandhu fans.

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He added that he didn’t earlier reveal about this because like other singers, he didn’t want to gain sympathy. He also said that there are various singers who initially claim that their throat is damaged and they’ll never be able to sing, and then go on to release songs. The fans connected this statement to Garry Sandhu’s, which he made months ago. Garry had revealed that his throat was damaged and he would probably release a couple of songs, which are already with him and they might be his life’s last songs.  

Garry Sandhu recently uploaded a Snapchat story and the singer didn’t look like he was in his best mood. The generally lively Garry made some befitting replies in his story. He began by saying that his throat is still damaged and then added that there are some singers who believe that they are the only truth-speakers here and all others are lying.

He also said that when his throat was damaged, he at least told the fans about it. There are some singers who lie and make a fool of people. Now, the fans are speculating that Garry Sandhu has directed these statements towards Sidhu Moosewala, replying to him for his earlier statements. It seems like a controversy is brewing up between the two!

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