What Is Sologamy? 24 YO Gujarat Woman Decides To Get Married To Herself, To Be India’s First Sologamy

A 24 YO woman from Gujarat is making headlines after she announced that she will soon get married to herself. Surprised? Exactly this is the response to everyone who is coming across the news.

Kshama Bindu is a 24 YO woman from Vadodara, Gujarat will tie the wedding knot with herself on 11 June. And she will make sure that in the wedding ceremony, every ritual from baaraat to pheras and honeymoon is followed. 

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In conversation with TOI, Kshama revealed that she did not want to get married but surely wanted to become a bride. So she came up with the decision of marrying herself. She stated, “I looked up to see if there has been any such marriage in India, but couldn’t find any. Maybe I am the first one to do so. Self-marriage is a commitment to be there for yourself and unconditional love for oneself. It’s also an act of self-acceptance. People marry someone they love. I love myself and hence, this wedding.”


This will be the first case of sologamy in India. But wait! Do you know what sologamy exactly is? Call it Sologamy or Autogamy, these are the terms used when a person gets married to himself/herself. 

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As per the information on Wikipedia, ‘Ceremonies in a self-marriage may take almost exactly the same form as that of a traditional marriage, which includes guests, a cake, and a reception.[8] Some self-marrying programs include giving guidance, practice, and support prior to the marriage.’


Coming back to Kshama Bindu, she will get married to herself on 11 June at a temple in Gotri. She has prepared five vows for the same and will head to Goa for a two-week honeymoon after the wedding.

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