Gur Chahal Apologizes For Attack On Prem Dhillon At Balachaur Village

A video has been making rounds on social media. Punjabi rapper Gur Chahal can be seen attacking Prem Dhillon during an ongoing live show in the video. The video was later identified to be from the village Balachaur. 

Many videos showing the aftermath of the incident also went viral. Gur Chahal could be seen walking out of the show with his face covered in blood. The audience had been curious to know why Gur Chahal decided to attack Prem Dhillon in front of a huge crowd.

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Gur Chahal has now publicly reacted to the controversy. He publicly apologized to Prem Dhillon through a video shared on social media. Gur Chahal confessed that he was drunk on the night of the incident and has no hard feelings for Prem. He also apologized to Prem Dhillon and called him his big brother.

This has put an end to all the fan theories that had been existing around the controversy. Rumours were widely circulating all over social media stating that Prem Dhillon did not meet Sultaan and Gur when he arrived at the show, which upset Gur Chahal. Now, Gur Chahal has himself come up to curb all the rumours.

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