Happy Raikoti forgot his lyrics, but someone else didn’t!

Happy Raikoti has recently released his track, ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’ with Afsana Khan and featuring Sara Gurpal in the video, which was shot in Raikot village, and also reminded Raikoti of his working days with Sara during the shoot of song, ‘Jaan’.

Sara Gurpal in Netflix Web-series

Coming back to his latest release, ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’, the song is getting a really good response and being loved by the audience, but surprising is the fact that its lyrics were originally written 6 years ago by Happy Raikoti. And you might not know, but the song we listen to today doesn’t have all the original lyrics. Not to worry because, it is not a controversy of a copied song, but just a story that the starting part of the song was changed at the time of recording. Raikoti did this because he forgot the original lyrics and had to write something on the spot. Later, when the song was completed and prepared, he sent it to Ammy Virk & Maninder Butter, when Butter realized the change in the lyrics, he immediately called Happy to remind him about original lyrics.

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Maninder knew the lyrics because he used to sing this song on stage during his live shows before its official release. 

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