Has Sharry Maan Found A Girlfriend From England?

Has Sharry Maan Found A Girlfriend From England?

Sharry Maan, in addition to being one of the best singers in the industry, is known to have a humorous personality in personal life. His social media accounts are always a source of great entertainment. But his recent post on instagram is surprising fans more than making them laugh.

Sharry Maan uploaded a post on his instagram account with text written on it. The singer said that tomorrow, his girlfriend from England will be coming, and that too, after a very long wait. Sharry promised his fans to introduce them to his girlfriend. 

He also added that though she’ll be coming tomorrow, the fans can congratulate him today. Further, he also promised to arrange a party for everyone once his girlfriend reaches England. In the caption, Sharry Maan asked the fans to finalize a venue for the party. He also said that he just wishes she reaches England as soon as possible because now-a-days cases of frauds are on an increase. He ended the message asking fans to write something for their ‘Bhabi Ji’.


The audience were left surprised by this post by Sharry. Sharry Maan has never revealed anything about his relationship or a girl in his life, which left the fans in shock when they came to know about Sharry’s probable girlfriend from England.

As we all know, Sharry is not somebody who likes to get serious. Chances are also that all of this is just a joke and he is just pranking us all. All these stories can also be regarding a song announcement being on its way. Sharry Maan might have a romantic song up his sleeve and might just be hyping it up by making us all curious. He is one unpredictable guy!

 But if all of it is true, tomorrow Sharry Maan will reveal the girl in his life and we are all very excited for it! 

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